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For as long as I can remember, coming to the farm has always been a big part of my life. My grandparaents, whose ancestors arrived in 1820 shortly after Alabama became a state, were both big influences on me. My Pa was a country preacher and plowed the fields with two mules and a wooden plow. My Ma expertly made all my clothes until I was eleven. My cousins and I loved to play in the dirt, setting up bakery store fronts to showcase our mudpie pastries. So I decided to move to the family farm in 2010 to connect more closely with the land that holds so many wonderful memories and ancient spirits. And to play once again in the dirt.

In 2010,the beginnings of a farm are emerging. The barn, greenhouse and 12 acress of plantable fields are complete. And by mid-2011, farm equipment arrives and off we go. In 2012 we are certified organic and remain so today.

Nurtueing the land with cover crops and natural slow acting nutrients is the basis of our soil improvement methodology. Preserving the diverse ecosystem allows the farm to become part of the total system; finding its place quietly amidst the local environment.

We plant many heirloom varieties to provide the most flavorable choices for our customers. Wander through our site to see what’s growing and happening on the farm.

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